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Section 1

Trade Show Dates & Times

Monday, April 22nd  11:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Tuesday, April 23rd  11:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

Move-In Dates & Times

Saturday, April 20th  8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Sunday, April 21st  8:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

Move-Out Dates & Times

Tuesday, April 23rd  4:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
Wednesday, April 24th  8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

  • Coming Soon

  • 999 Canada Pl.
    Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1

    999 Canada Pl.

    *Enter at the foot of Howe Street.
    The East building has 750 stalls.

    It is operated by Indigo. Indigo can be reached at 1-866-856-8080

  • Grocery & Specialty Food West is operated by the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers located at the following address:

    105 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 401
    North York, ON   M2H 3P8
    View in Map

    Rolster Taylor
    Director, Sales & Operations

    Tyson Smith
    Representative, Accounts

    Laura Collaton
    SVP & COO

    Cindy Suh
    Coordinator, Trade Show Operations

  • Attendee badges have been colour-coded so Exhibitors can more readily identify their customers.

    The following colours will be used:

    Exhibitors – Blue
    Press/Media – Grey
    Retailers/Wholesalers – Red
    Distributor/Importer/Exporter – Yellow
    Suppliers & Services – Green
    Restaurant/Foodservice – Green

    • Exhibit Hall Décor: Your exhibit space will be framed with an 8’ back drape and 3’ side drape in the Grocery & Specialty Food West – Show colour drapery is black, and the aisle carpet is Tuxedo (black/white).
    • Material Handling: Includes all equipment and labour necessary to transport your exhibit from the ramp to your booth location as quickly and efficiently as possible. This does not include blanket wrapping, unskidding, or spotting your booth material. Also, it does not include material handling for your cold storage goods. Material requiring a forklift with a load greater than 4000 lb. may be subject to a surcharge by the official transportation company.
    • Storage: Includes removal and return of empty crates and storage labels to identify each crate or box.
    • Complimentary Exhibitor VIP Retail passes: Passes are available for you to invite retailers as your guests. *Please note any guest passes that are given to non-retailers will have their passes cancelled. This function is available through the registration site.
    • Food Bank: Donations will be picked up following show close by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. The GVFBS may also have a booth located on the trade show floor.
    • Clean Up Stations: There will be clean up stations located throughout the trade show floor. Please speak to a CFIG floor representative on-site for specific locations.
    • Hot oil disposal: Available if needed.
    • Ice: Available if needed.

Section 2

Terms & Conditions

Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the show building to any Visitor, Exhibitor, or Contractor who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in any way creating a disruption to the show.

For security reasons, you will be required to wear your Exhibitor Badge in a prominent location when entering the building.

Children under the age of 16 are NOT permitted on the show floor at any time

  • including infants and toddlers.
  • For Exhibitors requiring cold storage, refrigerated or freezer space is available.

    Cold storage product may be delivered during move-in hours. A company representative MUST be present to sign the product in when delivered. Show Management will not be responsible for product misplaced upon delivery in the absence of a company representative. Product delivered outside of the scheduled Cold Storage published hours will be turned away at the Exhibitor’s expense.

    If required space is underestimated, cost adjustments will automatically be made on-site. There will be an additional $150 labour charge for shipments that exceed the amount of space booked or if there is no company representative to sign the product into the reefer.

    GSF ensures the Cold Storage area is monitored 24/7 by show security. However, if product, is lost, stolen, or damaged in any way Show Management will not be held responsible for these losses.

  • Distribution of advertising print material is not permitted outside the confines of the booth space. Product sampling by Mascots and/or Hostess is permitted within the parameters of the booth space, so long as these individuals have Exhibitor Badges. Any deviations from this rule must be authorized in advance by Show Management. Please contact Cindy Suh csuh@cfig.ca for more information.  If audio/visual equipment is used, the sound must be subdued to such an extent as to ensure it is not a nuisance to neighbouring Exhibitors.

  • Show Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the show building to any Visitor, Exhibitor, or Contractor who, in the opinion of Show Management, is unfit, intoxicated, or in any way creating a disruption to the show.

    For security reasons, you will be required to wear your Exhibitor Badge in a prominent location when entering the building.

    No Children under the age of 16 are permitted on the show floor at any time – including infants and toddlers.

  • All Exhibitors planning to use any type of fuel, such as gas, oil, helium gas, or propane, in their exhibits are required to advise show management in advance (on your Exhibit Design form found in Section 5).  All displays or exhibited materials must be fireproof to conform to Federal, Provincial, and City Fire Laws.

  • Painting, nailing, drilling, or screwing to the floors, walls, or any other part of the building is not permitted.  Exhibitors are also responsible for oil, grease, or any general damage to the carpeted area.  Exhibitors wishing to lay any floor coverings must use a protective layer of adhesive pre-mask tape.  Acceptable adhesives are poly-coated cloth tape or gaffer’s tape available through hardware or specialty stores. Vinyl or foam tapes cannot be used at the VCC. The only acceptable double-sided carpet tapes are Renfrew #174 or Shur-Tape #642.  Exhibitors are responsible for removing the tape once the show is over.  Charges will apply for all tape damage and/or adhesive removal at a rate provided by the facility.

  • GSF Show Management reserves the right to rearrange Exhibitors or adjust the floor plan to accommodate the best interest of the Show. The floor plan maintained by Show Management is the official floor plan. Changes may occur at any time to accommodate Show needs.

  • Food safety is an important component of any food-related trade show.  Grocery & Specialty Food West Show Management works closely with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to ensure that Exhibitors and Attendees have both a profitable and safe show. 

    If you will be sampling food and/or beverages at the show, it is crucial that you read and understand the rules and requirements put in place by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.  You must also indicate on your Exhibit Design Form that you will be sampling – and must complete a sampling form. Please note there will be a processing fee for any Food Sampling form returned within 15 days prior to the show date.

    Exhibit Design Form Download
    Food Sampling Form Download

  • All helium-filled balloons or other inflatable items are permitted if approved in writing. Due to the complexity and costs of retrieving balloons from various areas within Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC), it has become necessary to request a deposit when helium balloon décor is planned. Retrieval deposits and a signed deposit form are required prior to the date of set-up for any balloon décor. For more information see Section 5 of the Exhibitor Manual. 

  • Each Exhibiting Company is responsible for maintaining general insurance coverage against all risk of bodily harm, death, material loss or damage occurring in rented areas as outlined in the Exhibitor Space Application.

    Exhibitors must obtain a certificate proving that they are fully insured and must send a copy of your certificate to our designated representative for vetting before the show. 

    If using an insurance company of your choice, send a copy of your insurance certificate for review to John Neo (johnn@exhibitorinsurance.com), and you will be advised if your certificate needs any updating. 

    You may alternatively purchase one-time insurance through ExhibitorInsurance.Com. For more information see Section 5 of the Exhibitor Manual. 

    NOTE:  Show Management has ensured that all Official Service Contractors meet the Vancouver Convention Centre’s insurance requirements. Exhibitors contracting the services of suppliers other than the official named service contractors are responsible for ensuring they provide appropriate insurance coverage as outlined above. Proof of such insurance coverage should be submitted to Grocery & Specialty Food West. Send insurance certificates to csuh@cfig.ca .  

  • Management is NOT liable for any losses or damages, whether direct, indirect, general, special, consequential, or otherwise to the Exhibitor, its agents and employees or visitors to the exhibit whether occasioned by Management, its officers, its agents, and employees, or by another Exhibitor.

  • *Please Note Carpet/ Floor Covering for your entire booth is MANDATORY.

    Booth carpet is NOT included with a standard booth space. Please make necessary arrangements to ensure your exhibit space has flooring as this is a requirement as per show management exhibit regulations. Exhibitors that do not have carpet/ full floor covering for the entirety of their booth will be barred from participating in Grocery & Specialty Food West 2024. 

    Exhibitors are permitted to bring in their own carpet or flooring. Flooring may also be purchased through Levy. For more information see Section 5 of the Exhibitor Manual.

  • Motorized vehicles on display are subject to the following conditions:

    • gas tanks are less than ¼ full
    • gas caps locked or sealed
    • batteries made inaccessible
    • drip pans under vehicles
    • vehicles are clean and dry
    • keys are to be left with Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) Guest Services.
  • Suitcasing is the act of handing out product literature or samples at a trade show without being an exhibitor. Suitcasing is not allowed inside or on the grounds of the Vancouver Convention Center. Attendees found suitcasing will forfeit their badge and be escorted off the show floor.

  • Your exhibit rules are included on the GSF website under the Exhibitor Manual section. Please ensure that your booth complies with the rules and regulations.  Direct any questions about compliance to Cindy Suh (csuh@cfig.ca). Interpretation of the rules and regulations rests with Show Management and non-compliance can result in the closing of your exhibit prior to the show. For more information see Section 6 of the Exhibitor Manual.

    Display Rules & Regulations Manual Download 

  • All individuals must be wearing the appropriate safety equipment during Move-In / Move-Out as directed by the Vancouver Convention Centre Security: safety boots and vests.

  • Exhibitors must indicate on their Exhibit Design form their intent to use propane and must have a 5lb ABC-type fire extinguisher in their booth. (Extinguishers are not available for rent or sale on-site.)

    Propane tanks more than 20 lb. (10 kg) are not permitted inside the building. (Arrangements to store these in outside space can be arranged.) Flow restriction valves must be used on all propane tanks and are available from Home Depot or Acklands-Grainger. All propane connections must be inspected and approved by the Vancouver Convention Centre. Please contact Evelyn Fagnani (efangani@vancouverconventioncentre.com). 

  • All Exhibitors are required to wear a BLUE Exhibitor Badge. The Exhibitor badge will allow early access to the trade show floor for Move-In/ Move-Out. Each Exhibitor is given FIVE (5) staff badges per 100 sq. ft. of booth space. Exhibitor badges are only to be used for the exhibiting company’s staff members. 

  • Grocery & Specialty Food West, our Official Show Contractors, and the Vancouver Convention Centre are not responsible for loss due to causes or conditions beyond their control such as wars, panic, mobilization, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, as well as other conditions preventing the Show from opening on time, continuing through its scheduled dates, or opening at all.

    Under such conditions, Show Management, Official Show Contractors, and the Vancouver Convention Centre will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by an Exhibitor in preparation for or promotion of their exhibit.

  • Management has the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions as it shall deem necessary to the proper conduct of the exhibition and thereupon the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions. The operations rules shall rest with Management, and its decision will be final.

    Management may require Exhibitors to make such alterations to their displays as it deems necessary to the proper conduct of the exhibition and, on failure to comply, may order the immediate removal of the entire exhibit without compensation and at the Exhibitor’s expense.

  • High-visibility vests must be worn by all Exhibitors, and booth builders at all times during move-in and move-out periods. To save time and money, please bring your own PPC. For more information, please see Section 5 of the Exhibitor Manual.

    Please NOTE: The Vancouver Convention Centre will no longer be providing complimentary safety vests.

  • The Vancouver Convention Centre Security team will be responsible for 24-hour coverage of entrances, exits, and the general floor area.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own booth security and should have their booth attended to at ALL times during Move-in/out and Show Hours.

    We ask that Exhibitors take whatever precautions are necessary to protect products, valuable materials, and equipment. Show Management, Official Show Contractors, and the Vancouver Convention Centre are not responsible for the loss of property of any kind, from either the booth location, storage, or cold storage area.  Please exercise cautious security measures to protect your materials.  Steel mesh security cages can be ordered, contact Show Management for details.

  • The Official Show Guide details the exhibiting company’s information for the Attendee. Information includes company name, address, phone web address and company profile, if submitted by the assigned deadline of March 1, 2024. As well, the Show Guide provides Exhibitors the opportunity to enhance their exposure by advertising in the Official Show Guide. For more information on advertising opportunities in the Show Guide, please contact Laura Collaton (LCollaton@cfig.ca).   

    Sponsorship Programs are yet another way to gain more exposure!  By sponsoring Grocery and Specialty Food West your company will benefit in year-round promotional support and on-site interaction opportunities.

    Contact Laura Collaton (LCollaton@cfig.ca) for more details.

    Exhibit Excellence Awards are presented to the exceptional Exhibits at Grocery & Specialty Food West, in four categories: Best Single, Double, Multiple, and Marketed Booth. It is in the best interest of the exhibiting company to plan for the following criteria for on-site judging:

    • Curb Appeal
    • People & Product
    • Structure/Design
    • Overall Impression

    The New Product Showcase is a great way to get noticed and is a second location for your product on the trade show floor. Space is limited. Exhibitors are selected on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact Rolster Taylor (rtaylor@cfig.ca) for more details.

  • Each Exhibitor is given VIP Retailer Guest passes to invite Retailers/Grocery Store operators to GSF as their guest. This is a two-day trade show only pass. Retailers are considered any employee that works for a full independent or franchised retail store operating in at least four departments of the following: dry grocery, produce, meat, frozen, dairy, bakery, or deli.

    If a VIP Retailer Guest Pass has been used by an Attendee that does not fall within the Retail category, the pass will be changed to Service Other and updated to the correct balance.

Section 3


Lange is the official carrier of Grocery & Specialty West 2024.

Exhibitors are responsible for shipping their booth materials and product to either Lange Advance Warehouse or directly to the Show using the following THREE options.

Note: The Move-In Schedule located in Section 4 will give a rough estimate of move-in time based on booth location. Lange will provide a move-in schedule several weeks prior to the show.

Exhibitors are free to work with any shipping supplier of their choice. Lange is the Official Transportation & Shipping provider for Grocery & Specialty Food West.

  • Exhibitor materials will be shipped to the Advance Warehouse prior to the show. Lange will transport your shipment to the Vancouver Convention Centre. Your shipment will be placed in your booth location before your specified move-in time. For more information, please contact Brittany Metcalfe (brittanym@langeshow.com).

    Download Shipment Label
    Download Advance Show Receiving Order Form
    Download After Show Warehouse Order Form

  • Exhibitors must ensure their shipment is delivered within their specific move-in time. For your move-in time please see Section 4. 

    After your shipment has been accepted, Lange will transport your shipment to your booth location.

    * Please note: This does not include material handling for your cold storage goods

    * Please note: Material requiring a forklift with a load greater than 4000 lbs. may be subject to a surcharge by the official transportation company. 

    Download Forklift form
    Download Transportation form

  • If the Exhibitor does not require a loading dock, they can choose to carry their products to their booth during or anytime after their specified move-in time. Exhibitors are not permitted to arrive before their designated move-in time. Please see Section 4 for Move-In & Move-Out information.

  • Customs

    ConsultExpo is the official customs brokerage for Grocery & Specialty Food West. ConsultExpo will assist exhibitors with their customs clearance needs. 

    Included with their services you will have access to:

    1. On-site presence during move-in and move-out by a ConsultExpo representative
    2. Simple and user-friendly assistance with customs document completion
    3. One-way or round-trip customs clearance services

Section 4


Saturday, April 20th  8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Sunday, April 21st     8:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

Move-In Plan

Move-In Questionnaire

  • Please complete the mandatory Move-In Questionnaire.
  • Then send it to brittanym@langeshow.com BEFORE April 3, 2024.


Move-In Schedule

  • Booth Set up:  Exhibitors can continue their booth set up past the specified end times permitted they are in the building prior to the closing hours.
  • Move-In Time Schedule:  Exhibitors will be sent a move-in time schedule
  • Material Handling:  Includes all equipment and labour necessary to transport your exhibit from the ramp to your booth and is included with your booth cost. This does not include blanket wrapping, unskidding or spotting your booth material. It also does not include material handling for your cold storage goodsMaterial requiring a forklift with a load greater than 4000 lb. may be subject to a surcharge by the official transportation company.

Storage:  Includes removal and return of empty crates and storage labels to identify each crate or box.


Tuesday, April 23rd     4:00p.m. – 11:00p.m.
Wednesday, April 24th     8:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

  • After Show Close:  At 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23th all Exhibitors may begin to dismantle their booths. 
  • Crate Delivery: Exhibitor crates will be returned to the booths after the aisle carpet has been removed. 

Move-Out Policy: GSF operates with a Last in First Out (LIFO) policy.

  • High-visibility vests must be worn by all Exhibitors, contractors, and booth builders at all times during move-in and move-out periods. To save time and money, please bring your own PPE or order vests through the Vancouver Convention Centre. All ordering can be done through the online link listed in Section 5.

Section 5

CFIG Mandatory Forms

  • Insurance is mandatory for all Exhibitors at Grocery & Specialty Food West. 

    As an Exhibitor participating at the GSF Show, you must have adequate Liability Insurance with a minimum $2,000,000 limit to protect the Exhibitors, the Attending Public, the Show Organizer, and Yourself. Our insurance policy does not extend coverage to any Exhibitors and their exhibit. If you have any questions about insurance, please contact John Neo at ExhibitorInsurance.com: johnn@exhibitorinsurance.com. ExhibitorInsurance.com is the official insurance provider for GSF 2024.

    There are TWO (2) ways to arrange the required Insurance:

    Grocery & Specialty Food West has appointed ExhibitorInsurance.com as the recommended insurance contractor for Exhibitors. Orders can be made directly online at https://www.exhibitorinsurance.com/pub/srch/?e=GSFW2024 by following the instructions and completing the form.

    If you have any questions, please contact John Neo (johnn@exhibitorinsurance.com).  

    Contact an insurance company of your choice and request a Certificate of Insurance with the following requirements:

    • Additional Insured: Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers listed as an additional insured.
    • Dates of the Show: Saturday, April 20th – Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 (includes move-in and move-out dates)
    • Liability Amount: Comprehensive General Liability of $2,000,000
    • Liability Details
      • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability subject to a maximum $1,000 Deductible.
      • Products and Completed Operations Liability
      • Contingent Employers Liability
      • Broad form Property Damage
      • Cross Liability Clause
      • Severability of Interest Clause

    For APPROVAL, please UPLOAD your certificate of Insurance to https://www.exhibitorinsurance.com/pub/srch/?m=ul&e=GSFW2024

  • VCH Food Sample Guidelines Download

    Vancouver Coastal Health Temporary Form Download

    Return to: events@cfig.ca
    Any forms received 15 days prior to the show date are subject to a $50.00 service fee charged by Vancouver Costal Health.

    Contact events@cfig.ca for more information.

    Vancouver Coastal Health Temporary Food Sampling Form Download -coming soon

Additional Forms

(Only necessary if services below are required by the exhibiting company)

  • Freezer & Refrigeration space is available for rent during Grocery & Specialty Food West

    • Carpet
    • Furniture
    • Custom Booth Design

    Levy Décor Order Form

  • Online Ordering is available 24 hours a day. Exhibitors will immediately receive a confirmation and payment receipt. We highly encourage exhibitors to take advantage of the advanced ordering rate stated on the attached exhibitor form for the best possible prices on their services.   

    – Booth Security
    – Electrical
    – Housekeeping
    – Internet/ AV
    – Plumbing

    Online Ordering for Exhibitor Services

    There will be a Service Desk designated to your event, exhibitors who do not order in advance, can order on site. 

    After the event
    We would love to get your feedback and are happy to share exhibitor statistics with you.

    Very important
    Please be advised that we will no longer be offering complimentary safety vests during the event move-in due to updated health and safety regulations. For exhibitors that do not own a personal safety vest, safety vests are available for purchase on our online ordering platform and will be stored at the Service Desk/Exhibit Services Office for pickup during event move-in. Alternatively, we have vending machines available throughout the Vancouver Convention Centre offering safety vests for purchase. The vending machines are located at the West Loading Bays and East Delegate Concourse.

Section 6

Thank you to our sponsors

GROCERY & SPECIALTY FOOD WEST 2024 thanks the following companies for their support:

Lead Media Sponsor

Grocery & Specialty Food West is Canada’s premier western grocery trade show, bringing together retailers and manufacturers from across the nation to discover new innovations, network, and build relationships within the grocery industry. GSFW is dedicated towards helping you grow your business and build relations with key retailers.

Rolster Taylor

Laura Collaton



Exhibitor List
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